*waves handkerchief*


This is a post announcing that I'm in the process of putting this account to rest. I'll still be using it now and again, I think, at least for the next year, but most of everything is going to be posted at my new journal. 

I'd been considering something like this for a few months now, and finally decided it was time. If you'd like to know where it is though it's probably not that hard to figure out |D, please leave a comment or something and I'll PM you with the information. Thank you~

*hugs everyone forever and doles out delicious cookies*
[tmnt] did you just diss the knitting?

It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you...

It's coming after my family one by one, I swear it.

So far both my grandmothers are in the hospital, and yesterday my godsister (I know that's not a term but it counts) ended up in the hospital and will be there until halfway through this week at least and we just spent all day there, and now my sister's managed to break a drinking glass over her head. She's not in the hospital since contrary to our initial fears she didn't end up with glass in her eye and she's perfectly all right so far...but still.

Yeah, so. It's a bad time to be sharing my bloodlines or anything even vaguely similar to them, yeesh.
Crowley's up to no good

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Life kind of sucks right now. A lot of it's in my head, I think, but it's still there. And I have a billion things I should probably be doing that aren't this, but...

I'm throwing this out there. Because I know some really awesome people and I want to remember that.

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[TMNT] Oh well isn't that nice

Attack of the Double Post

Okay, I'm on an icon making kick.

So, I'm putting up something a little different for around here.


Just...mention an icon you'd like to see - pairing icon, character focus icon, icon with some sort of specific text on it - and I'll do my best to make it for you. Just no requests for animated icons, please. I can't do those. I'm more comfortable with fandom icons, but I can do original, too.

(Also, let me know if you don't mind it being made available to the public so I know if it's okay to post it up elsewhere.)

ALSO: there is absolutely no requirement to actually use any of the icons you ask for. I'm just putting this up to feed my icon-making urges right now. So. Yeah. No expectations or anything, in case anyone happened to be wondering.

...Yeah. I'm just gonna go over here to my corner now and stop editing this. 

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[ffvii] pay attention or I'll poison it


Go away cold. I was supposed to try and cheer up a depressed horse today and I can't because I'm still contagious while he's old and depressed and potentially vulnerable to human sick germs in the worst way.
[hetalia] delinquent once and young

Pointless Update~

I have the peppermints and the pencils meant for the "AP-test-survival-kits" my Language and Composition class is giving to the Literature and Composition class who have their AP testing next week. We're also going to give them handmade flour-in-balloon stressballs, water, and encouraging notes.

We're going to be putting all of these together in the hour before school on Monday to give to the Lit and Comp students who are also taking the AP Calculus test. I predict chaos.

But, yeah, that's my life pretty much my life right now. Preparing for the AP testing and trying to stay on top of schoolwork. This month and then most of next month. And then I'm free.

It's a nice thought.

Also, today, I decided to create a writing journal to store my fics in. It's called writeinthedust (because I had no clue what to call it) and I'm in the process of moving what writing I've already done over. It's kind of a horrifying experience because I'm finding fic from a year ago and it's horrible XD. This is mostly to ignore the Economics homework I've shoved clear to the other side of my desk.

Also, everyone in my house is sick. I'm hiding in my room until it's over.
[merlin] hehheh yeah it was - oh

"Do you get it now?" "I...no."

Title come from a conversation with a friend of mine at school. We were doing the above for about ten minutes.

I still don't get it.


I found out today that I dropped about three pounds over the last week. I went from 132 pounds to 128-and-a-half.

Yay flues that cause you to hack up absolutely everything you eat and then some. Yay.

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[TMNT] sleep deprivation AHOY

Writing Meme of a Different Flavor

Yes, it's another meme.

But! It's not a writing meme. Well, okay, it sort of is. Sort of. But there isn't a lot you can do on the internet without writing. Or at least typing.

Basically, if you'd like, leave a comment with what you'd like to see me make an entry about. It can be anything; my thoughts on religion, some random current event, on characters or writing or art or history or icons or computers or mathematics or foul language or police or the state of the economy or politics or summaries of my stories in the works or yaddayaddayadda or even a specific meme you want to see me do if you're so inclined. Anything at all.


Now, if I haven't scared all of you away...

There's really no reason for this other than I remember seeing it around a few times before. And I'm in a bit of a rut writing-wise but don't want to throw up another writing meme when I still have comments from the last one to get to (I haven't forgotten you guys!). Just, you know, if you request my opinions on a touchy subject then please don't freak out at me if my thoughts offend you. I'm all for debate, but anything more than that is a please no.